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i am the solo agent 

i am the dire order: tricky inching tapeworm

i do the damn thing: fasten society outright 

i go and make frenzy: fervent sizzling outbursts 

i am the very limit: moving beneath darkness

bi boy: girl brute: wicked playful succubus 

do run away ahead exists release fiercely uncovered 

we may sail along: tender forever

by the path there hollow outward blissful overthrow

we can pick scaly blooms

our love curve: warped fabrics decorate

let them watch mingle testify

the tale under dermis wrinkle whispers

can they dream impart realise

the skin above facade

come cause terror settled consumed

come perky seraph: lighten submerge

gone femme: jilted manhood interred

dark being jitter tremble fragment

sing about sacred baptism: nobility celebrate

abide: regard without omission

shady signal candied inaction 

allow masses anatomy returned malleable 

graze before parting succinct encounter

arise latest: current: vigorous unreduced

© Curtis Ackie 2024

Georgia O'Keeffe, Ladder to the Moon (1958)


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