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How do we begin to build the world we want our children to live in? With Seedlings I tried to imagine what exists around the corner, beyond dystopia. Of course to do this I needed to feel hopeful, so really my first thank you is to my family for being my wonderful brave space.

Thank you Ebony, quite simply without you this book would not exist. Thank you for pushing and motivating me and also for all the spectacular work you do for Formy Books. It’s a joy to live, love and create with you!

Thank you Lauren, the work you did editing Seedlings was nothing short of amazing! Thank you for helping me shape these stories into the coherent sparkling tales they became. We had a really good time working on this, here’s to many more.

Thank you Brianna, I have long admired your art and to have it alongside my stories is a dream come true. That you had the stories as your only illustration guide makes what you came up with all the more magical!

Family, both here and there, I hope I have made you proud (if you look closely you might find a few things you recognise!) Thank you for being my constant inspiration.

Love eternal,


Seedlings, Curtis Ackie & Brianna McCarthy, Formy Books (2022)


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