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  • Writer's pictureCurtis Ackie

come for terra

moon marked door keeper

heed I with both hands clasped

my pitch is bright and yarn spins out

daring to the beyond

possess these seedlings

bound and faithfully assembled

that all once perceived forever pours

to fill this empty frame

oh be a shield

a wide salt circle of protection

our children drevait

and the asham passes swiftly

so with hands unclasped

we cast this glimmer

skyward to the untold

where every light is one of we

now step and whirl

low beneath the wax and wane

our shells coiled

in every bogle and whine

calling out in each toe tap and plié

observing the endless

all carefully chasing

the door marked moon

© Curtis Ackie, Seedlings 2022

Brianna McCarthy, Image from Nano's Comfort - Seedlings (2022)


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