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taro root

in the mornings we step with caution

eyes averted, senses spurred

and stand patiently at the back of a long line of misheard superstitions:

man said don't step on the cats, before you slip clean through

come we sit, hidden behind black faces printed on paper

flipping through pages of the source

threatening to break free from its loose-fitting

glossy lesson binder jacket

until under the unwatchful eyes of a careless educator

tears falling into a large round mug of fire and milk

we recall two hands pressed firmly against the tormentors

sharing fatigue and playing dead at the back of the class

with rocket and coconut drop stained fingers

and feet fed firmly in the ground like eddoes

a circle is drawn, the toes turn spirit in the soil

na know who told we it a nine card run

we just knew the tell

© Curtis Ackie 2022

Mœbius, The World of Edena


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